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About The Band

Americana, Folk, Country, Pop and Rock would be just some of the ways to describe the Jandee Lee Porter Band. Through original music, this band has fused the above styles into a sound that is not like the rest. They stand out, they defy convention and push themselves to create a sound that is unique, complex and will leaving you wanting more.

Jandee, lead vocalist and face of the band has spent the better part of her life crafting words and melodies that say something out of the ordinary. There are hooks and fun loving lyrics but there are also words that express pain, loss, confusion, growth and change. You can sing along with some but others will make you think. A very difficult thing for any artist to do.

The band is comprised of 5 highly talented musicians who not only excel at their instruments, are song writers with years of experience playing a variety of styles and performing in dozens of situations. This group can bash away on the biggest stages but can also deliver an intimate performance in the smallest of places. Not bad for a 6 piece band!

In addition to original material, the Jandee Lee Porter Band performs cover songs that span sounds from yesterday and today. You'll hear Miranda, Carrie and Little Big
Town as well as Johnny, Patsy, John Prine and others.

If you come to dance, you'll like what you hear. If you come to listen, you'll like what you hear.

Expect something different.